You’ve worked hard for your money…isn’t it about time your money rolled up its sleeves for you?


NJ Development Coalition (N.J.D.C)  purchases pre-foreclosure short sales and bank-owned properties at deep discounts and then resells it to landlords, rehabbers, or retail buyers at below-market prices, creating exceptional profits in the process and providing excellent returns for its investors.  We do ALL of the grunt work–identifying the property, working with the seller and buyer, marketing the property, facilitating the home inspection and appraisal, making repairs to the property or providing a repair credit when necessary, raising capital, and closing.

Are you looking to invest your hard-earned money for great returns?

NJ Development Coalition (N.J.D.C)  has the experience, know-how, and infra-structure to offer you with great opportunities in your real estate investment endeavors, whether you need a new rehab project to work on or an alternative to investing your money.


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