1st Time Home Buyers


 Are you a 1st Time Homebuyer? NJDC now offers Consulting Services for 1st Time Homebuyers to offer support, resources, and guidance throughout the home buying process!!


Our Aim is Peace & Satisfaction…

Buying a home for the 1st time can be an overwhelming process when you’re not sure of where to being or what to expect. To eliminate the stresses associated with purchasing a home for the 1st time, we decided to provide a solution and provide an array of services that will provide peace of mind and guidance to 1st Time Homebuyers every step of the way!


Our Consulting Services

We offer services a la carte, individual pricing per service rendered or a flat fee for choosing 5 or more services. Pricing will be presented upon completion of the Intake Survey.



We aid you with getting pre-approved for a mortgage by connecting you with our Preferred Lending Companies that provide an array of lending programs, perks, and/or benefits to best fit your needs. If purchasing with cash, we also aid you in this process to lead and guide you on the best terms to present with your cash offer! Or if you need creative financing to obtain your home, we have a solution for you as well! During this process, you also have unlimited guidance and support until you are approved and your offer is accepted.

Program/Grant Research

We will find programs and/or grants that are fit for you as a 1st time homebuyer. For your convenience, all the research will be conducted and delivered to you! You will be all the given details and we keep you abreast of the deadlines to adhere to, and help with the submission of the application(s). In addition, if you are approved to receive additional funding, we will ensure your mortgage lender is notified. We want to make sure you are maximizing the benefits of being a 1st Time Homebuyer!

Team of Licensed, Real Estate Professionals

We will connect you with the necessary team of Professionals you need to review your contract, find your home, inspect it, renovate it, design it, create lease agreements, or manage tenants. These are team of Professionals that we know, trust, and recommend to successfully and professionally service your needs. Additional support via phone and email are available to you to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Let us help you connect the dots!

Contract & Pricing Negotiation

Once you’re pre-approved and you find the home you are delighted to move forward with, it’s now time to submit an offer! We will consult with you on what price to offer and the details and terms surrounding the offer. Our goal is to help keep more money in your pocket and get you the best negotiated contract agreement in your favor! In addition, we will also work with our team of Professionals to ensure that you are being offered pricing within your budget. We have your best interest at heart.

Project Management

If your home requires repairs or a renovation, we will connect you with our team of licensed contractors and manage the process to successfully get the job done! We will also help manage the process to ensure that permits are pulled in a timely manner, timeline of stages completion are being adhered to, contractor draws are made and successfully paid out, and ensure that your home is transforming into the space and place you envisioned it to be. Moreover, we will provide ongoing support and management until the successful completion of the renovation.

Interior/Exterior Design

Let your creative juices flow and we’ll help you bring it to life! You will have the opportunity to meet with our interior designer to discuss your plans and ideas for decorating your home, establishing organization, or landscaping. Or if you’re not sure where to begin, let our Designer share with you the unlimited possibilities you have to make your house your home!

Landlord/Tenant Consulting

If you are purchasing a multi-family home, the life of a landlord begins right after closing! We will help assist and educate you on Landlord/Tenant rights and laws, resources, creating lease agreements, how to run background & credit checks, how to protect your home, how to obtain tenants, and the set up of property management. Our support remains until your units are fully rented!!

Phone Consultation

There is an opportunity to discuss any questions you have regarding a topic of your choice in reference to the home buying process for One Hour!*You also have the choice to consult on two different days for 30 minutes each. You will be provided with a scheduled day and time to discuss your topic.

*Clients who purchase a package bundle will have ongoing phone and email support.


Our Referral Program

We love referrals! For every person you refer to our Consulting Services, we will send you a $25 Visa Gift Card for your referral purchasing 1-2 services. A $50 Visa Gift Card will be sent for your referral purchasing 3 or more services! In order to qualify and receive the Visa Gift Card, the person(s) you refer must successfully purchase the service(s). All clients will be notified via email regarding their qualified referral bonus and the gift card will be mailed out within 30 days to the address provided.

Getting Started

If you are interested in having a consultant to lead and guide you throughout the process of buying your home for the fist time, please contact us via phone or email so your peace of mind can begin!

Send email inquiries (type the word “Consulting” in the subject line) to:

or contact us via phone:

We look forward to guiding you from being a home buyer to being a Home Owner!!



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