About Us



NJ DEVELOPMENT COALITION LLC  was founded by Na’sia Smith and Jacquetta Thomas.  We met during the Summer of 1999 while attending Rutgers University.  The friendship immediately clicked, and we have been great friends ever since.


Individually we both had a passion to help improve the lives of others, own real estate, and acquire wealth to help provide numerous opportunities to others. We both were introduced to the concept of building multiple streams of income, the various vehicles used to do so, and Real Estate was on the top of our list. We both started with investing in multifamily, income producing homes and decided to expand Real Estate investing from there.


After spending many  years and countless nights sharing our personal goals and dreams, we agreed it would make sense to mesh our passion, motivation, and determination to start a business together to make a greater impact. In January 2013, NJ  (Nasia and Jacquetta’s) Development Coalition, LLC was formed to begin our mission to use Real Estate investing as a tool to make a life-changing impact on individuals, families, and communities as a whole.




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